Babar Oregor Vitte


Age 206y Ht 9’3" long Wt 1,102lb
Physical Description:
Wound Status
Stunned [ ] Wounded [ ]
Incapacitated [ ] Mortal [ ]
Force Ability
Control 2D Sense 1D Alter 1D
Concentration Danger Sense Telekinesis
Force Leap
Move 4 Force Points 1 Dark Side Points 0
Character Points 2 Spent Character Points 0 Force Sensitive? Yes
Dexterity 1D Perception 2D Knowledge 2D
Blasters 1D+1 Bargain 2D+2 Astrography 2D+2
(Pistols) 3D+1 Command 2D+2 (Nar Shaddaa) 4D
Flying / 0-G 1D+2 Forgery 2D+1 (Hutt Space) 3D
Melee Combat 1D+1 Gambling 2D+2 Intimidation 2D+2
(Polearm) 2D+1 Persuasion 2D+1 Linguistics 2D+1
(Duros) 3D
(Bocce) 3D
(Shyriiwook) 3D
Streetwise 2D+2
Strength 2D Mechanical 2D Technical 1D
Exoskeleton Op 2D+1 Computer Op / Repair 2D
Starship Gunnery 2D+1
Navigation 2D+1
Piloting 2D+2
Infravision Babar can see in the dark, using a mix of infravision (which allows him to “see” changes in heat), and ultravision (which enables him to make the most of any available light). He gains a +2 bonus to sight-based rolls while in dim or dark conditions.
Longevity Hutts like Babar live longer than Humans. Hutts attain adulthood at about 200, middle age around 500, Old Age around 800, Venerable at 1,000
Natural Armor Babar has the natural thick, tough skin of all Hutts, granting him a +1D to all damage resistance rolls against physical (not mental) attacks and damage – including contact poisons, corrosives, etc.
Omnivorous Babar can gain nourishment from any organic substance (though he is not immune to poisons). He can also chew through just about any organic substance with no adverse effects to his teeth or jaws.
Force Resistant Babar rolls twice his normal dice pool when resisting mind-affecting Force Powers.
Skills All Hutts gain +2D in the Astrography specialization Nar Shaddaa, +1D in the Astrography specialization Hutt Space, +2 Intimidate, and +1 Command.
Devotion (R1} Babar – like all Hutts – is beholden to his clan, and has an almost innate sense of duty toward all Oregor Hutts, and – to a lesser extent – to all of Hutt-Kind. This includes an oddly specific, and unwritten law among the Hutts that one does not kill a messenger.
Environmental Incompatibility (R3) Cold Blooded. In less than 50 degrees temperature, Babar takes a +1 modifier to the difficulties of all rolls (which is increased by +1 per minute of exposure) until he is out of the harmful situation.
Hindrance (R2) Greedy Gluttony. Whenever confronted with an opportunity to consume some fine or tasty food or drink, or to increase his finances in any way, Babar must make a moderate Willpower roll to resist taking whatever steps are necessary to do just that.
Hindrance (R2) Slow (No Legs) Babar’s move speed is 4, though he is semi-aquatic and has a swim speed equal to his move speed. On land, he makes his way through slithering locomotion.
Hindrance (R3) Like all Hutts, Babar considers non-Hutts to be beneath him. He gets a +3 difficulty modifier to any Interaction rolls with non-Hutts where he is attempting to endear himself to the character, or any interaction where his apparent disdain for the character would effect the roll.
Prejudice (R1) Hutts have a notoriously bad reputation outside of Hutt Space. Among non-Hutts, Babar has the difficulty of all interactions increased by +3; when those interactions are not in-line with perception of Hutts as vile gangsters and criminal scum.
Quirk (R1) Self-Centered. Babar must make a moderate Willpower roll to put himself in harms way for the benefit of another, who is not offspring or a parent. He must make an easy Willpower roll to inconvenience himself for the benefit of another, who is not offspring or a parent.
Quirk (R1) Overconfidence. Babar must make a moderate roll to back down, in the face of opposition, from some task he has begun. If not backing down would put Babar into danger of physical or financial harm, the difficulty of the roll is easy or very easy, depending on the situation.
Roleplaying Quirks
Babar enjoys listening to and singing Hutt Opera, though he sings off-key.
Babar has a fixation with constantly upgrading and repairing his monacle.
When agitated, Babar has a tendency to resort to the chest bump.
Babar only discusses finances in his native Huttese.
Babar has is attracted to full-hair species.

Adulthood is about 200 years… Do you want to change your age?

Babar lives in a small (by Hutt Standards) Apartment in the Oregor Block in Corellian Sector on Nar Shaddaa. He possesses one beat-up, old Airspeeder (a refit Utilitech Metrocab – Modified to be comfortable enough for two Hutt passengers). The Airspeeder is piloted by a GE39 Pilot Droid, hard-mounted into the vehicle.

Babar Oregor Vitte

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