Armored Clothing


TL Armor Location DR Cost Weight LC
10 Bioplas Bodysuit Body, Limbs 15/5* ©1,800 3 3
10 Bioplas Gloves Hands 15/5* ©60 - 3
10 Bioplas Suit All 15/5* ©2,400 4 3
10 Nanoweave Bodysuit Body, Limbs 18/6* ©900 6 3
10 Nanoweave Gloves Hands 9/3* ©30 - 3
10 Nanoweave Jacket Arms, Torso 18/6* ©450 3 3
10 Nanoweave Suit All 18/6* ©1,200 8 3
10 Nanoweave Trousers Groin, Legs 18/6* ©280 2.8 3
10 Nanoweave Vest Torso 18/6* ©300 2 3
12 Energy Cloth Bodysuit Body, Limbs 30* ©2,000 6 3
12 Energy Cloth Gloves Hands 15* ©50 - 4
12 Energy Cloth Jacket Arms, Torso 30* ©1,500 3 3
12 Energy Cloth Suit All 30* ©4,000 8 4
12 Energy Cloth Trousers Groin, Legs 30* ©1,400 2.8 3
12 Energy Cloth Vest Torso 30* ©1,000 2 3



Bioplas is a strong, pseudo-living smart material that is light and comfortable to wear. Flexible armored suits and clothing made out of this material can heal rips and tears if it has access to moisture and heat, such as sweat and body heat. Bioplas is also a popular material for swimwear and other sports clothing.
Bioplas is a flexible armor with a split DR, providing full DR against burning and piercing damage, but gets only one-third DR vs. other damage types. Thus it’s very effective against slug-throwers and blaster weapons, but not that effective against a powerful blow or a vat of acid.


Nanoweave aror is a balistic armor woven from para-aramid fibers, polyethylene, or synthetics inspired by the molecular structure of spider silk, and reinforced by woven carbon nanotubes to make it more energy resistant. It is soaked in a “shear thickening fluid” of hard ceramic nanoparticles suspended in liquid. During normal handling, the armor is very flexible, but when a bullet or fragment strikes it, it becomes a rigid material.
Nanoweave armor has full DR against piercing or cutting attacks, but uses its reduced DR against all other types of damage.

Energy Cloth

This light and easily-concealed armor is an ultra-tech ballistic fiber similar to nanoweave. It’s hyperdense “fabric” is resistant to nearly all forms of attack. It is flexible, but gets its full DR against all damage types.
Energy Cloth is a TL12 material, and characters must be of a sufficiently advanced species (or have access to the appropriate planetary markets) to purchase it.

Custom Tailoring

Custom-Fit Armor may be purchased in any of the above materials.

Armored Clothing

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